Wednesday, August 24, 2011


august 22, 2011
five years ago, he was visiting me at college. i’d arrived early for marching band camp and was the only one, besides the community advisor, who had moved onto the floor. he picked up some booze (with his totally legal id, obviously) and we ate sandwiches at my desk in that tiny, half-furnished dorm room in grant towers. later, when the clock struck midnight, i kissed him hard and wished him a happy birthday. he left with a smile, a letter, and a mix cd. i think i knew then that it would be the first of many birthdays we’d spend together.

this year we celebrated with a trip to devil's lake and a wisconsin adventure. SUCH a nice day. we followed it with dinner at perkins and birthday ice cream. the mr. had a great birthday and i'm so happy i got to spend it with him.

today was a nice day off. i got up early, did some writing, took a shower, and drove into the city to hang out with the lovely j. we spent some time at her apartment, then we headed over to get some thai for lunch. it was a perfect chicago afternoon, even if it was a little hot, and i wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way.

the evening has consisted of relaxing with the husband and procrastinating on going to bed--i work the 5am to 1pm shift tomorrow. i've got caffeine and the alarm set, and i don't think i'll have any problems falling asleep.

and then... a whole afternoon to do whatever i want! so lovely--the possibilities are endless.

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