Thursday, September 15, 2011


well, it's official!  in march, the husband and i are traveling to costa rica!  to be honest, i'm still kind of in shock but so, so cannot wait!  we'll be heading down for seven days in the middle of the month.  we have flights (there are four of them, two down and two back) and a room at a hostel near the ocean and a car and our passport applications are ready to go.  it's all happening!  we're so excited to explore a place we've never been to AND visit old friends of ours all at the same time--we miss them and are especially looking forward to seeing them!

costa rica will be what that gets us through the winter.  (six months will fly by, too, i know it!)

today, we went out for lunch.  all of the sudden it feels like fall and i LOVE it.  without a doubt, my favorite time of the year.  here's to hoping we can go on some sweet adventures to devil's lake and elsewhere to see the changing leaves (and get in some serious hiking before it snows, of course!)

hey, september... keep it up!

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