Thursday, September 22, 2011


as it turns out, september is flying by, too.  the husband and i are keeping busy, as usual... there've been excursions west of here to visit family, outdoor adventures here and there, lots of time spent together and lots of work (for me, especially--i'll have overtime pay on my next two checks, if i did the math correctly).  in our downtime, we've been playing mario kart wii and watching breaking bad--holy cow, how has it taken us this long to start watching?--and taking walks around the neighborhood. 

i'm trying to savor all of these little bits and pieces of the season because i know it will turn to winter way too quickly and i don't want to miss anything.  already the leaves are changing and i can't help but smile every time i go outside, knowing the full metamorphosis that will take place, the brilliant reds and oranges and golden yellows.  this is a good place to live in the fall, with streets lined with tall, tall trees that have been there forever.  we're hoping to take a trip up to devil's lake sometime, to catch the autumn colors.  (i really can't get enough of it all!)

this is just a quick note to say that we are well, well and happy.  life has been very good to us lately and i'm hoping it'll continue to play in our favor.  i guess we'll see, we'll just have to see.

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