Wednesday, October 12, 2011


...truth be told, i've been busy--everything is good, though. in the last week or two i've seen some of my favorite people and gone to some of my favorite places... and the weather has been absolutely stunning for mid october.  i'm still on a constant quest to take it all in, to live my life to it's absolute fullest potential.  i realized i'm the happiest i've ever been and i want to hold onto this feeling for as long as i can.

the mister started his new job today... and so far, he loves it.  i'm so proud of him, and lucky to be his wife.  this is a wonderful change and i am excited to see what lies ahead for him, and for the two of us, on the horizon.  in the meantime, we look forward to more adventures and plan eagerly for the future together.

this year, i will be participating in nanowrimo, national novel writing month!  i participated and won in november 09--that novel is close to being finished, far exceeding the 50,000 word count it had when i finished those 30 days, and will then enter the editing process.  after last year's hiatus, i eagerly await november and the challenge to write and create.  and if you're participating, good luck!

we've been married for four months.  (time flies when you're having fun and falling deeper in love.  oh, october.)

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