Monday, February 6, 2012


have you ever heard of couch-to-5k?
basically, it's a running program that aims to ease non-runners or beginner runners into a routine that, over the course of two months, will have them running five kilometers on a regular basis.  it's all about easing into it gradually and being comfortable with what you can do.

all that said... i've made the decision.  i'm jumping into couch-to-5k!

the idea and motivation for doing couch-to-5k comes from a few different places.  first of all, it'll help me get healthier and into better shape.  my job is pretty physically demanding, and after being there for over a year, i'm much stronger than i used to be.  i know i could be challenging myself more, and i'm ready for it.  i've never really been a runner, but it seems like something i could be okay at...  a way to relieve stress and anxiety... a path to more adventures and goodness like hiking excursions and biking expeditions.

in addition, i just think it would be really goddamn awesome to accomplish something like this, to make it happen all on my own from start to finish.  five kilometers is approximately 3.106 miles, which really isn't all that long but to a non-runner, it's practically a marathon.  (and who knows, maybe i'll run one of those someday!)  the sky is the limit, and i am so excited!

so... day one.  monday, my day off.  it involves alternating running and jogging for 20 minutes, something i believe i can totally do.  i will eat a good breakfast and get in a good stretching session and hit the road.  and when all is said and done, i'll share my experience here.  can't wait to see where this leads me.

off we go!

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