Tuesday, February 14, 2012


i finished the first week of couch-to-5k and have moved on to week two!
week one consisted of 60 seconds of running followed by 90 seconds of walking for twenty minutes.  all things considered, i think it went pretty well!  here's the recap of my first week, straight from the pages of my paper journal to here.

day one [2.6.12]:
okay, so i decided to just go for it!  i stretched inside, then decided to take advantage of the mild (by february in chicago standards) afternoon and go for a wander around the neighborhood.  i found a free iPod app that tracks your progress and runs over the music... it fades in to give you a direction, then fades back out and returns you to your current track.  pretty sweet!  at the end of the workout, it saves your progress and moves you to the next day.  i think it will be very helpful for me.

as far as the actual workout itself, i didn't feel as out of shape as i thought i was, and really didn't feel like i needed to stop at any time.  the one thing that kind of surprised me was that my knee bothered me a bit, starting about halfway through... it feels totally fine now, but i will say i was surprised; i thought my ankle would have caused more pain, considering it's the more recent injury.

anyway, i loved it--frankly, it was relatively easy for me.  i'm feeling pretty great!  it will be interesting to see how i'm feeling tomorrow, that's for sure.  here's to day two... i might just become a runner after all!

day two [2.9.12]:
got off work at 11 and headed over to the gym.  today's workout?  too easy, haha.  almost effortless, and i couldn't believe it was over when it ended!  this time my ankle was sore (but not my knee, hooray!), but no more sore than it usually is after eight hours of work, really.  i wore the ankle brace and that really seemed to help a lot!  afterwards, i did an additional 20 minutes on the treadmill before heading home.

day three [2.11.12]:
ouch.  today kind of kicked my ass... which is good, of course, but ow.  i walked for a little while longer before starting the workout.  after i completed day 3, i did another 15-20 minutes of walking, but was definitely feeling it.  i think an eight hour saturday shift is the culprit for today, but regardless, i am undeterred!  if i'm sore, it means i'm working hard and getting in better shape.  so, bring it on, week 2!  this is going to get interesting, i think!

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