Thursday, March 8, 2012


couch-to-5k week three is in the books, and week four starts on thursday.  almost halfway!

day one [2.28.12]:
this workout definitely kicked things up a notch.  woah.  week three?  it's 90 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking, three minutes of running, and three minutes of walking, twice.  90 seconds of running wasn't bad, but three minutes?  well, it was challenging; undoubtedly the most difficult thing i've encountered throughout this adventure.  however... i got through it!  i got through the workout and even though i was sore, i made it happen!  i feel accomplished.

and really, i think i might get through it after all!  feeling good now (though we'll see about later).  i am definitely feeling prepared and have a better expectation for day two.

day two [3.1.12]:
ohhh man.  i definitely think i am going to be feeling this one tomorrow.  the workout...  it went well!  the second part of the workout was much easier than the first, and three minutes really didn't seem all that long.  more than feeling sore or tired or anything like that, i felt glad to have done it, proud to have gotten through the workout.  i can tell that i'm getting in shape, that it's getting easier, in general.  the last three weeks have even been... dare i say... fun?  haha, either way, i moved onto the elliptical when i was done--something i was starting to love, slowly but surely--before calling it a night.

great workout!  one of my best yet, i'd say.  hoping to make it to the gym on saturday for week three, day three...  it'd be awesome to try and finish up before my birthday, but if it doesn't happen, i can make up for it during the week.

day three [3.6.12]:
amazing workout tonight.  man, did i sweat!  i got through the couch-to-5k goodness with ease, even though it's been a few days since i last ran.  i did go hiking on my birthday--up in devil's lake through the snow and cold (so fun!) and also a short walk around the block last night... but i digress.

afterwards, i did some leg curls, lat pulls, and even did a bit of jump roping.  i finished up with the elliptical, until my legs were wobbly and i couldn't handle anymore.  i left feeling exhausted, no doubt about it, but also completely refreshed.  i am so very glad that i made the choice to pursue this adventure.

three out of eight weeks down... i can do this.  let's go, week four!

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