Tuesday, May 22, 2012


here's week five of couch-to-5k.

day one [4.22.12]:
sunday morning, i woke up in the mood for a run.  i still had a while before i needed to leave for work, so it was good timing.  i laced up the trusty running shoes, stretched a bit, and headed out.

what a beautiful day!  it was sunny, breezy, and cool... not too cold, though, and perfect for a run.  i made a big loop around the neighborhood and didn't really have any issues until the final running portion--random knee ache, which went away after a few moments of stretching and walking it out.

all in all, it was a great run.  i feel like i'm finding the motivation i've been lacking the last few weeks.  i am going to do a much better job of staying on course.  after all, i am nowhere near my goal of running a 5k...  it would be a shame to give up now.

day one, part two [4.24.12]:
so, week 5 is where things get interesting.  i mean, day three is twenty minutes straight of running, no walking.  what?  ha.  anyway, i thought i'd do day one again and day two on thursday.  you know, work up to it.

anyway, i can tell it's getting easier, though i have a long way to go still.  the middle of tonight's run was the hardest, but after i got over the hill, it wasn't too bad.  i did the cool down walk and decided that was enough fun for one night. after working eight hours and whatnot, i was ready to relax.

i am starting to look for 5k's to run over the summer.  the one that passes right by my house is looking the most promising, but of course, we shall see!  i am feeling ready to accomplish this goal, ready for the rest of week five and whatever lies ahead in this running plan.  bring it on, day two.

day two [4.27.12]:
i'm learning that i much prefer running outside to on a treadmill.  outdoors, i get vitamin d, the scenery changes, the breeze is nice, so on and so forth.  in general, it just helps my morale and as i move forward with c25k, these things will all help me keep it up.

'cause we've reached the point where the distances are getting a bit longer, and though i'm kind of freaking out, i know i can do this.  i just have to keep reminding myself of that fact while i'm out there making it happen.  because i can, and i will make it through to the end.  it would be such a shame to quit now, anyway, when i'm already halfway through!

so today was eight minutes of running, five of walking, then eight of running.  parts of it were slow going but, as usual, i felt awesome one i had finished up.  day three is twenty minutes of running, and that's it--eeek!  it really sounds daunting, but i know i can make it through.  and if i have to stop once or twice, that's okay, too!  this thing is all about taking your time and moving at your own pace, and to see how far i've come already is huge encouragement through the rough spots.

day three  [4.30.12]:
the workout i had been dreading.  seeing it looming there... it was a bit overwhelming.  twenty minutes of running.  no walking intervals this time, just running.  prior to this, eight minutes was the longest i'd had to run at a time (and i had a difficult time getting through it).

but tonight?  it felt almost effortless!  i found a great rhythm, and five minutes turned into ten, and then fifteen, and then twenty!  the best workout i've had, easily.  and so much fun.  i couldn't stop smiling afterwards... it was only twenty minutes, barely two miles, but i felt like i'd won a marathon.  i am so encouraged to keep going, and to challenge myself even more.

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