Tuesday, July 17, 2012


week nine, the last week of couch-to-5k before i am on my own, is underway!
in the meantime, here's all of the goodness from week eight.

day one [6.30.12]:
2.75 miles, or 28 minutes.  i pushed myself, and save for fixing a loose shoelace, i ran the entire 28 minutes.  i went 2.25 miles, which isn't too bad!  still a little slow, but every day i run just a little bit faster, a little bit longer.  including the warm up and cool down walks, i burned almost 300 calories.  not too shabby!  i followed it up with a couple miles on the bike, then decided to call it a night.

i didn't make my unofficial goal of finishing the program by the end of june, but that's okay!  i am undeterred in my quest and plan on finding a 5k to run sometime this fall.  i just have a little bit more time to become an even better runner!

day two, part one [7.3.12]:
so i went to the gym for day two today...  and everything was going pretty well until about halfway through the run.  i started having a bit of achiness in my right knee.  i decided to ease up and just walk instead.  i didn't really want to, but i figured it was better to play it safe.  i ended up running 1.25 miles (which is on pace for 2.5 miles next time!  i am so there!) and then i walked another mile.

ultimately this is a lesson for next time... i need to stretch much more than i did today for a successful run.  i hope to get to the gym on thursday and give day two another go!

day two, part two [7.7.12]:
for real this time!  went to the gym after work and, after turning on forrest gump, i set to running.  28 minutes, 2.25 miles.  i ran all of it... pretty awesome!  day three: 30 minutes, 3.1 miles.  i'm not quite there yet, but soon enough, i sure will be!

then it's week nine, already!  5k's all three days this week, and by the end of the week, i hope to be running 3.1 miles.  i believe i have the stamina and endurance to get through it.

day three [7.10.12]:
very likely my best run to date!  i ran 2.5 miles in 30 minutes... not quite the 3.1 miles that make up a 5k, but still a really good pace!  and it felt awesome.

i am excited for week nine--the end of the program!  30 minutes, 3.1 miles all three days... and then, it's all on me from there on out.  (i think that's the thing i'm most looking forward to, actually).

ended it with 20 reps on the lat pull machine, 15 on the chest press machine, then 3 miles on the stationary bike.  nothing better than an amazing workout!

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