Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So... wow.  Okay.  It's December.  And it has been a long time since I last posted.

November was a crazy month--the busy season started at work, we did a lot on our days off, and November brought National Novel Writing Month 2012!  (NaNoWriMo went wonderfully, by the way...  I somehow finished over 6,000 words ahead of my goal!  And I'm still not finished writing the first draft... but you know.  I'll get there.)

But now it's December, even though the weather has been strangely warm around these parts.  The days before Thanksgiving were in the 50's and 60's and just yesterday, temperatures reached 70 in parts of Chicagoland.  In December.  Is this what California is like?  It's strange (though not unwelcome, of course) that there is no snow, that we've been able to come and go in sweatshirts and light jackets.

Of course, even though I am grateful for the relatively mild transition we're having, I can't help but hope that there's snow for Christmas.  Christmas, and New Year's...  2013.  This time last year, we were getting ready for Christmas and getting excited for Charleston, South Carolina.  (Oh, that was a trip I will never forget.)  Who knows what adventures this year's festivities will bring but I am certain it will be memorable as usual.

More to come soon... reflections on the year, things I've been writing lately, and how the running thing is going.  I seem to have a little more time lately... and I'm grateful.  Here's to more frequent words and sentences in this very space.

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