Tuesday, January 29, 2013


and even though i am on
the verge of twenty-five,
i still have those moments.
you know. today it came
in the form of a gloomy
afternoon and a cup of
coffee before work...
thinking about all of
the things that have led

us here, and everything
that awaits us there around
the bend.  (and then i think,
is this really all mine?  this
life we've built together--a
job i adore, passion for
writing and running and
living to the absolute fullest,

and my husband, whom i
love more than words could
ever say... a rare feat for
a girl like me.  speechless,

waiting and ready for
whatever comes next. this
belongs to me, to us, and
though it hasn't been easy,
it's so much better than i

ever imagined.)

(From Sunday afternoon, during the ice storm. Tomorrow's high is forecasted to be 61 degrees.  In January... yeah.  And then, on Friday, the high is 16.  What? Thanks, Chicago winter!)

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