Thursday, March 7, 2013


On a quiet Monday, I turned twenty-five years old.

It was actually more like a few days of celebrations, though.  The Saturday prior, the Mister and I were both off of work--such a rare thing!  We decided to spend the afternoon adventuring and took a drive up to New Glarus, Wisconsin, where we visited the New Glarus Brewing Co.  This little brewery is responsible for producing some of the best beer that I've ever had and we had always wanted to check it out, so Saturday was the perfect opportunity!  We drank beers (Serendipity for both of us the first round; for the second, I got their Moon Man Lost Coast Pale Ale, while he got Black Top, which is a black IPA) and wandered around the brewery and bought some souvenirs.  It was so much fun!

We are definitely looking forward to going back to the brewery when it's warmer out... they have an awesome looking seating area and whatnot!  So much fun, and a great atmosphere.  The town of New Glarus is really adorable, too.  We swung by and had dinner with my parents and brother on the way home, which was really wonderful as well.

On Monday, the actual day, I got up early (well, earlier than normal, given my generally late night work schedule) and went to the gym.  After I got home and ready for the day, the Mister and I went out for birthday lunch at Chili's, something that was pretty delicious as usual.  And then...  I took a nap.  You see, I worked my first overnight shift at work on Monday night, from 9 p.m.-5 a.m...  it was actually quite fun!  Plus, staying up all night, I kind of felt like I got to maximize my birthday goodness.  On Tuesday evening, we rounded out the celebrations with a belated dinner at Carson's with my mother-in-law and brother-in-law.  It was a fantastic way to kick off my twenty-fifth year and I am lucky to be surrounded with such love and goodness all the time.

All in all, twenty-four was a pretty decent year, but I'm excited to see where this one will lead me.  So far, it's been pretty great!

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