Tuesday, May 21, 2013


After dinner this evening, I decided I wanted to go for a run.  I went yesterday, a jaunt that lasted for just over a little two miles, and I found myself wanting more.  Of course, in true fashion, it got up to a high of nearly 90 degrees today so running at any time other than the morning or the evening was out of the question.

After dinner, I changed and set out on a run.  Almost instantly, I settled into a rhythm and found myself completely drawn in--to the music, to the very beauty of my surroundings.  It felt like Spring and Summer were never going to get here, despite the fact that we had a rather mild winter, and to finally have that sunshine and warmth is something of a blessing.

I ran nearly a mile before I took a few moments to walk and catch my breath--it was awfully humid, and I wanted to be able to pace myself.  It wasn't long before I was off again, though, enjoying the run and taking it all in.  It was nearing time for sunset, and the sky was a milky pastel backdrop of oranges, blues, and pinks.  The scent of lilacs and other beautiful flowering bushes and trees permeated the air and lingered pleasantly around me.  Everything was so vivid and perfect...  each house just a little bit different; the bright greens of grass and foliage (the leaves that seem to have exploded overnight, Spring personified) and the purples, whites, and periwinkles of nearby lilac bushes.

In total, I ran 3.17 miles.  One of the longest runs I've ever taken, and definitely one of the best.  I felt steady and certain, drawn in by the continuous rhythm of my feet on the pavement, my pulse in my ears, the music and the passing scenery to keep me going.  I've never been more sure...  I'm so glad I decided to become a runner.

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